Inspired by the Italian expression "botte piccola fa vino buono" (a small cask makes good wine), Vino Buono believes that some of the most exhilarating and full-bodied creations come in tiny packages. In 2017, the company wrapped up its first ever season, featuring four new works from local,  emerging playwrights, and then capped off the summer with a co-production for the Victoria Fringe Festival.

Previously, Vino Buono has produced over six new works, such as the ten-minute play ULTRAVIOLET (Belfry Theatre SPARK Festival, 2017), the award-winning Art of the Eight Limbs (Favourite New Play, Victoria Fringe 2016), and a sold-out run of Dominik Buconjic's What A Nice Place to Be (Intrepid Theatre Club, 2016) . 

A collaborative effort between a team of local up-and-coming artists, Vino Buono produces new work, with a focus on queer & feminist content.

Now is the time for new voices.


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