collective creation, led by Colette Habel

Co-Produced with Human Voltage Theatre Project

Daddy Issues is for the dads that were always there and never there; the dads we chose and those we didn't; the dads we wanted gone, and the dads who left us too soon.

Human Voltage Theatre Project + Vino Buono present a collage of vintage denim and classic rock, fuelled by real stories and experiences that dissect the male gaze, re-examine father-daughter relationships, and grapple with the overwhelming responsibility of inheriting a massive vinyl collection.


written by Keiko Hart

Vino Buono 2017 Season

Project Mercury is inspired by the early stages of the spaceflight program that took place in America during the early 1950s. It is based on the Holloman Aerospace Medical training facility where they prepared animals and hominids for space travel. The play tackles two perspectives: that of the scientists who trained and bonded with the animals, and the animals themselves.


written by Kaitlin Ruether

Vino Buono 2017 Season

In 1980, Quebec held its first referendum regarding whether the province should become a sovereign nation. What if it had passed? Snowfrog takes place in a Canadian prison of war during a Canada-Quebec war in an alternate reality present day. Exploring all-too-familiar ideas of what happens when a government doesn’t embrace diversity, the play delves into the lives of three young people — one Quebecois, one anglophone living in Quebec, and one anglo-Canadian — as they struggle for freedom before their time runs out.


written by Ellery Lamm

Vino Buono 2017 Season

The Fitting Room centres around five people all linked in some way to the same tragic event. Set in a department store fitting room, the characters enter the curtained space and are forced to confront the turmoil within their own lives. A twelve year old boy's mistakes influence the trajectory of his future. Teen girls' friendship shift amidst a changing sense of self. They all explore intersections of religion, sexuality, and questions how to move forward in the face of loss. 


written by Chase Hiebert

Vino Buono 2017 Season

Three people are trapped in a room. Each is filled with regret and a deep desire to connect, but held back by their (sometimes literal) inability to see each other. As the room becomes more crowded, desires become more urgent. Slowly, reality unravels and raw emotion takes hold. Written with both startling poetry and black humour, Chase Hiebert’s Blind Portrait is an abstract exploration of memory, loss, and selfhood.


written by Kat Taddei

Theatre SKAM

PopUp Live Series (2016)

The Belfry Theatre

SPARK Festival Mini-Play (2017)

Twelve-year-old Violet is tired of being told what a boy she is. Grounded and trapped in her room, Violet retells the story of how she wound up in such hugely catastrophic trouble, doodling on various parts of her body (hands, stomach, and toes) to bring the other characters in her tale to life. Finally, under a blacklight she has hidden from her parents, Violet reveals the biggest secret of all: she has transformed her entire body into an invisible piece of art.


written by Emma Leck

Intrepid Theatre YOU Show (2016)

To the untrained eye, Sarah is just your run-of-the-mill asexual. To Sarah, she is a sexual in training. A stranger to any kind of sexual desire, Sarah uses herself as a subject in a series of google search based experiments to learn how to want someone in the illogical world of sexuality. She may accidentally discover a few things about herself along the way.


written by Dominik Buconjic

Intrepid Theatre YOU Show (2016)

When psychic Penelope Swann loses the ability to telepathically communicate with her partner Anthea, she’ll do anything to avoid the newfound loneliness in her thoughts. Refuge arrives in the form of a novelty replica of the bar from her favourite sitcom. As Penelope retreats from the world, the line between television and reality begins to crumble. Fast-paced and bitingly satirical, What a Nice Place to Be is the debut work from UVic playwriting student Dominik Buconjic. Directed by Kat Taddei.

"...a complex and fascinating piece of dark theatre that will challenge your perception of dreams, and the crap we grew up watching on television..."


written by Kai Taddei


Victoria Fringe Festival 2016

WINNER, Favourite New Play -

Victoria Fringe Festival (2016)

Adelaide Fringe Festival (2016)

Three different eccentrics are torn out of their comfort zones and thrust into a bizarre chain of causally-related events. Don’t. Get. Comfortable.


“...psychologically penetrating...”

Adelaide Now


“...a thought-provoking piece that delves into the dark side of human nature... bewildering yet brave...”

Global Media

" engrossing tale of the anxieties of interpersonal contact and coming of age."


"...potent and powerful..."​

Janis la Couvee, Arts Reviewer

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